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Good morning.

After us giving it our all at the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival the week before, we looked forward to a nice relaxed afternoon at the Sunday Arvo at Kendall Services Club. Well by the third song all such thoughts soon flew out the window when, by then, we were all looking for oxygen. On another rainy Sunday afternoon, which lately seems to be the norm for us, the enthusiastic crowd who made the trip from as far off as Kempsey and Forster and points in between, kept us on our toes and there was no slacking.

Our first dancer CD prize was won by Kayleen and Blake from Port, who were able to chose "Nightmoves Live Naturally", now that new pressings have become available.

Looking to do something a little different, we introduced a Progressive Barn Dance into our repertoire and although the word that got back to us was that many did not know how, or had forgotten, nevertheless there was a nice large circle and those who took part, seemed to enjoy the pleasure of dancing with different partners, albeit for a short time. The end result; requests for other old time dances, primarily, Pride of Erin and Gypsy Tap. Maybe next time.

The hit of the afternoon was young Riley from Kendall, who, with his Mum had visited the Club to enjoy a meal at the bistro. Not good enough for Riley, as he was hooked on the music and danced just about every song, whilst fixated on watching the band in action. A nice pic is on our Facebook page.

We thought that we had gotten away with not playing that Rebel song, but a late request from a source, other than Ross and Anne, saw that we had to endure it once again. Ross and Anne, who were down at the bistro end of the club, broke all records in getting to the dance floor.

Friday 14th, Good Friday, we headed down to the Belmont 16ft Sailing Club for the first of our two appearances there for the first half of the year. Our experience told us that being a holiday weekend and the Easter one at that, not to expect the usual big Friday night crowd that attends the 16's. However what a response we had on the dance floor from the moment the "Party's Just Begun" right up to the final chords of "Goodnight Sweetheart"; it was simply overwhelming. It presented us the problem of deciding who was to win our "first dancer CD and after some deliberating we gave our Live Naturally to Robyn and Barry, locals from Caves Beach.

It was good to catch up with some of the new friends that we had met at Kurri as well as finally meeting Linda Baker who keeps us all informed via her Rock-to-It Facebook page.

Some rebels who travelled down from Port Macquarie just to catch us were rewarded/punished with that Rockabilly Rebel song. We look forward to our return to this club in late June.

A late booking came in for the Sunday Arvo at Stockton RSL and once again it was a typical holiday weekend crowd who attended. The big surprise for us was the number of people who saw us atBelmont, made the trip to Stockton to catch us once again. One couple, Denise and Ben from Cardiff were actually first on the floor and received our CD prize, which we hope they have worn out by now.

The weekend itself turned out to present some unfortunate incidents for band members.

Firstly the brand new replacement CD player purchased specially to provide music in our breaks, just did not want to work. We set up a phone system through the P.A. but could only find strange music which excited no one.

On the way home from Belmont, B1 was firstly pulled over by the constabulary for a "breath test" or in reality an I.D. check, and then later on during the journey had an altercation with a very large kangaroo. A hit and run, the kangaroo hit and then ran. The result; Kanga OK; Lancer, not so OK.

The next incident happened during the second set at Stockton; after having trouble with it from the get-go, B2 lost his amp, which simply blew up! Fortunately Stage & Equipment Manager, the ever prepared Davo, was able to provide a substitute amp for the remainder of the gig.

But the worst of all and to top off the incident plagued weekend, T1 lost the wing-nut from left hand supa crash cymbal, which in turn bent the washer which separates the felt from the metal. Eventually the washer was straightened and wing nut replaced, but not before some anxious and heart-pounding moments. UGH!

The following Friday we travelled north to Kempsey Heights Bowling Club, the home of the "Butcher's Chop Raffles" and some fine Bistro food. We commenced at 5.30pm with some of our quieter songs, whilst the raffle tickets were being sold, not a winning one for band members. The rarest commodity in the club was seating and tables, as for a while it was standing room only. We had to pause our first set whilst club management, already, had to open the area behind the band to find some more tables and chairs, which had to be set up right next to the band, almost on our laps. It must have been a great menu to have so many people in the club; the music wasn't too bad either. A highlight of the night for B2 was the applause that he was given after his fine bass solo in Nivram, and it only cost $5. Locals Barry and June were first dance CD winners.

MAY is the quiet before the storm with only three public gigs, but a lot of rehearsal hours planned in prep for the busy month of June.

On Saturday 6th, we are part of the Stonehurst Rock and Blues Day at the Cedar Creek Winery at Wollombi. Other bands or acts that will be appearing are: Rory Ellis as well as The Runaway Cabbages. We are scheduled to perform from3.00pm to 5.00pm. We hope the weather is a little better this time than all our recent outdoor gigs. Plenty of good food and wines available throughout the day. Bump in time is from 9.00am, with Rory Ellis doing his thang from 11.00am. More details can be found on the Stonehurst website

The following day, 7th, we kick off at 4.00pm with our regular Sunday arvo at Kendall Services Club, which is emerging as "the place to be" on the first Sunday arvo of each month.

This one will be a special one for "Cool Rockin' Cats" and great supporters, Alison and Brian, who are about to embark on a three month journey of discovery to other worlds beyond our universe. We wish them well and will expect an expensive souvenir present on their return, or a least a saxxy card from one of the exotic places that they will be visiting.

A word of warning; we may even press our luck and try on another barn dance, or even one or two of those requested dances, Pride of Erin and Gypsy Tap, so once again, expected the un-expected, or not!.

A bit of a break and then its back to our bi-monthly visit to Club Harrington with the million dollar view and after finally having a nice lunch there during the month, very happy to say, a Bistro to match. We have been encouraged by the growing support that we receive each time we play this Club. And each time the weather has been atrocious, so this time we are hoping to see just how much support we can actually get on a good night. Before we begin there is "Pick A Box at 6.30pm and the raffles drawn at7.00pm. Look forward to some new arrangements of some oldies being added to our repertoire for the night.

No further updates for 2017 COOLY ROCKS ON. Our appearances are still confined to Coolangatta Surf Club on Friday night from 7.30pm; Tweed Heads Mall on Saturday from10.15am and on Sunday, Queen Elizabeth Park from 1.50pm.

Look our for the June issue of FOCUS magazine. There may be an article on a group of guys you may recognise, who are dearly loved by millions!

Kindest regards

Terry for Nightmoves

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