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Are you interested in learning to Dance Rock and Roll and looking to join a dance club?
Port Macquarie Panthers Rock & Roll Dance Club is the number one dance and social Club located in Port Macquarie on the Mid-North coast of New South Wales.

Our innovative EZY STEPS 10 week Course (Learner, Intermediate & Advanced sections) will take you from a non dancer to a confident social dancer with 8 EZY Moves, it's simple and it's fun.  BECOME AN EZY STEPPER.

Each Course commences the first Thursday of the School Term with revision and sequence (partner and line) dancing during the school holidays.

This is fantastic value, Joining Fee of $15 (includes Membership till 30 June) and Annual Club Renewal Fee is just $10  and our classes are only $8 for members. So that means that you can do your 10 week EZY STEPS Learners Course for just $80 and be able to enjoy social dancing with the opportunity to grow your dance skills if you wish.


We meet twice a week, classes on Thursdays at the senior citz hall Munster St  doors open at 6.30 lessons start at 7 and go through to 9 and Monday nights practice/social dance at Panthers club 1 Bay St starting at 6.30 cost $2, all in an informal social atmosphere to share the fun of learning Rock & Roll dancing. We are fortunate to have a highly skilled dance instructor (Steve Tate) to guide us and develop our dance skills in a fun atmosphere, we are the home of rock & roll dancing in Port Macquarie.

Our Club is one of the largest dance clubs in the area with over 120 members. We are an Incorporated, not for profit, Association and are managed by a committee elected annually by our members (ABN 81 057 377 958).

Joining Fee is $15 (includes membership until 30 June).

Membership Renewal is just $10 (payable July each year).

One of the primary functions of the Club is to teach Rock & Roll Dancing. Find out about Thursday Lessons here.